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Functional Health—More Than Numbers

The odds are good that, by now, you have heard or read about functional strength, even if you’re not sure what it is.

But you probably haven’t heard much about functional health.

When most people today think of their health, they think about a series of numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, HDLs, LDLs, blood sugar, body weight, BMI, and many, many more. However, few people nowadays consider the way they feel. That’s where functional health comes in.

Functional health is all about, well, functionality — how does your health make your life better? Your health should not just be numbers on a chart but something that makes your life better and easier every day.

Do you have a lot of energy? Do you recover well — and quickly — from injury or illness? Do you enjoy a high level of mental clarity? Can you operate on little sleep? Do you feel good all day long?

These are questions that you should quickly say yes to, if you’re a healthy person. However, most people who say no to some or all of these questions might still feel that they are healthy, because we are used to thinking of health in terms of numbers.

But our health is much more than that. When the body is operating the way that it should, you should feel good. You shouldn’t have headaches, or insomnia, or acid reflux, or stress, or constipation, or gas, or dry mouth, or any of the other myriad symptoms many people come to accept as “part of life,” or “part of getting older.”

If you experience problems like that, especially on a regular basis, then something in your body isn’t functioning the way that it should — even if the numbers you’re used to relying on tell you otherwise.

At its core, functional health is about improving your health in ways that improve your day-to-day life through a combination of natural diet and exercise. When you treat your body how it needs to be treated — and you’d be surprised how far removed a realnatural diet is from what you’re used to hearing about — you will reap the benefits every day.

And you’ll be surprised at how quickly those numbers you’re used to worrying about start to take care of themselves.

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