Thinking Outside the Laboratory

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I opened Time magazine recently and found a little slice of science that would make most any dietitian, medical professional, or other trusted guardian of your health proud. It followed the standard recipe—oodles of time, gobs of cash, and as little insight as possible. The article opened with anecdotal accounts of food additives in packaged foods […]

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You can’t pick up a bottle of ketchup, a can of tomato soup, or a jar of tomato sauce anymore without learning all about lycopene, the wonder-antioxidant. And it’s been a really effective campaign. A lot of people nowadays, health-conscious or not, have some idea about what lycopene is. That’s a great example of how […]

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Stay Away From The Lite

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One of the most disturbing trends in “healthy” food lately is the whole “Diet,” “Lite,” “No-Calorie” fad. People become so excited when they can have their favorite soda without the calories, or their favorite salad-dressing or potato chips with half the fat. Do they ever stop to ask themselves: “If they took out the fat […]

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Divided, You’ll Fall

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I recently posted an article about functional strength training. I felt that this type of training needed explanation because (1) it is the best way to exercise, (2) it’s a far cry from what’s popular today, and (3) there’s a lot of misinformation from mainstream fitness sources about what “functional” workouts are, and what they […]

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Diet? Don’t Try It

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Because of various nutritional trends in recent decades, people have started to see ‘diet’ as a word that describes not your general eating habits, but a temporary eating strategy designed to improve your appearance, and sometimes, at least hypothetically, your health. A few minutes thought about this concept shows that it makes no sense. Every […]

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Functional Strength Training

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Although it’s only popularly gone by that name for the past few years, functional strength training is as old as the human body. It may be difficult to understand, since it is so far removed from today’s popular views of health and fitness, so I want you to try something. Imagine a tiger. Picture his […]

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Tired of Just “Burning Calories?”

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A lot of people think about getting into better shape, but they can’t bring themselves to do it. They think about all that restrictive eating, and all those endless, boring hours at the gym before you start to see any results. Those people might learn something from my girlfriend’s dog. Her name is Leila, and […]

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Would You Eat What Mold Doesn’t Want?

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You probably do all the time. With the sprawling world-wide food industry, there is a rush to pasteurize, preserve, and de-contaminate everything so that it can be shipped farther and kept on the shelf longer for maximum sales — not for maximum health. The problem is that those processes often don’t just kill bad bacteria, […]

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Functional Health—More Than Numbers

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The odds are good that, by now, you have heard or read about functional strength, even if you’re not sure what it is. But you probably haven’t heard much about functional health. When most people today think of their health, they think about a series of numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, HDLs, LDLs, blood sugar, body […]

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Ah, Pull Ups

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Whenever I work out in a gym, I always marvel at the newfangled, unnecessary equipment — thousands of dollars in fancy contraptions clogging up perfectly good floor space. In fact, you could add up the practical value of every balance ball and weight stack in the building, and you still wouldn’t match the utility of […]

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